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We are extremely sensitive to the concerns our site visitors have about the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information collected online. Accordingly, we have established this privacy policy to ensure you are aware of the information collection and sharing practices of the site.

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If you wish to receive our e-newsletter, we will need your email address. Also, we automatically subscribe all Guestbook registrants to the e-newsletter. Collected email addresses are used solely for the release of brucegeller concert news and website content updates—Your information will never be sold to any outside party and your email address will never be used for solicitations or spamming. E-newsletters are sent out with all addresses hidden (BCC:) so that no one else can abuse the e-newsletter for their own purposes.

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Most websites, including this one, automatically collect your IP address, the linking URL and basic demographic information about your browser settings. We use this information to best determine how to optimize website content and to alleviate issues so that your visit to does not suck ass. Questions or comments? Contact us at: 

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You are granted limited rights to utilize content for your own personal purposes so as long as said content usage does not violate the above stated usage limitations. In other words, you agree that:

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If you are a member of the Press, please contact us to request approval to use images - website text must never be taken out of context or quoted without permission. We will gladly convey your request for interviews, official statements or use of images to artist's management via the contact email addresses above.